5 clever uses for the space under your stairs

Transform your hallway by turning the dead space below your staircase into extra storage, a cosy hideaway or even a new bathroom

If you have a staircase then chances are you have a triangular space of storage/mess/coat hooks beneath (and most things are only retrieveable after 15 mins of hunting with a torch). Normally this area is not used to it’s full capacity. Here at Housetohome we know that this seemingly ‘dead’ space has endless possibilities, so we’ve come up with 5 ways to transform it…

1. Gain a downstairs bathroom

Don’t think you have you enough space for an extra room? Why not fit a small bathroom underneath the staircase. All you really need is a WC and a compact basin, although there may be a few headaches about how to connect the waste pipes. Another option is to go for a Saniflo toilet which doesn’t rely on costly plumbing solutions.

2. Create a clever shelving display

Rethink your under stairs space with clever design. Here, little nooks and shelves have been made from the space below the staircase. Just make sure you have some pretty things to display. Very contemporary and very clever – we think Kevin McCloud would approve…

3. Make a feature with statement furniture

The understairs space can be the perfect place for a statement item of furniture. Go for a low-level console or sideboard which will have plenty of room above to display pretty collections and curiosities. Suddenly that space below stairs will turn into a stylish feature…

4. Go for a clever cloakroom

Decluttering the area under the stairs is easy if you go for built in nooks and cubby holes. Here, a clever cupboard system for coats of various heights has been constructed. A bench complete with baskets is ideal for storing shoes and umbrellas.

5. Build a compact seating area

Need some more space to lounge around? Looking for the perfect place to create a bedroom for your pets? Turn your under stairs space into a cosy little seat, complete with storage underneath. We love the multi-functional nature of the room above. The dog is pretty cute, too!

Looking for more ideas? Take a look at our dedicated hallway channel

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