6 fab vintage-inspired kitchen buys

Cook up a storm with these fun retro finds

Give character to a contemporary kitchen or add authenticity to a retro room – whether you’ve got a super modern kitchen or you’re a fan of the olde worlde-feel, vintage-inspired cookware. We think these fun buys will have you reaching for your purse (and a wooden spoon)…

Easy like a sundae morning

Now we know these are being used for milkshake here (and don’t get us wrong, we like a milkshake just as much as the next person) but we just love the idea of ditching the straws and using these as to serve ice creams sundaes – ours is a knickerbocker glory please (while we’re on the retro theme).

Measure up

This cook’s measure has been around for as long as people have been baking cakes (well, almost). With graduated internal markings for weighing dry ingredients, you’ll never be stuck for scales again! We love the simplicity of this product and the fact it looks fabulous!

Keep it classic

Pyrex is a staple in every kitchen and they have been around forever (100 years this year!). To celebrate, they’ve released this pretty ‘Cinderella’ shape bowl – a 1950s classic! We love the style and, based on the durability of that measuring jug we all have in our cupboards, know it will last a lifetime!

Pie in the sky (or more accurately, the oven)

Now if these enamel pie dishes don’t conjure up childhood memories, we’re not sure what will. Whatever your pie penchant, these are perfect for serving up a hearty helping of nostalgia.

Shake it up

Haven’t got one of these in your life? You need one! This traditional vintage-style shaker can be used for sieving flour over baking or boards without having to find a spoon or wash doughy hands. Fill up and shake away!

Milk it for all it’s worth

Reminiscent of playground days – we’re thinking hopscotch, kiss chase, daisy chains – we just love these mini milk bottles! Although we might swap out the milk for a White Russian (it’s still milk, right?) – just pop in a straw and enjoy.

Love these reto kitchen buys? Tell us which was your favourite…

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