5 ingenious bedroom storage ideas

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  • Is your bedroom more of a clutter cavern than a soothing sanctuary? You need to check out these storage ideas pronto

    Bedrooms are made for relaxing – yet often they become a camping ground for clutter, with piles of handbags, shoes, discarded outfits and dirty laundry building up until they’ve taken over every available surface. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s safe to say your bedroom is in need of better storage. No space for more furniture? These clever storage ideas make better use of the furniture you already have, so the clutter will practically tidy itself. Welcome to the neat side!

    1. Back-of-the-door handbag holder Put this bag rack on the back of the bedroom door to store the larger bags that take up too much valuable space inside your wardrobe.

    Modular handbag store, £25, Store

    2. Under-the-bed blanket holdallThis dust- and moth-proof linen tidy is brilliant for storing out-of-season clothes or bedding inside or on top of wardrobes.

    Brown Peva two-piece blanket storage set, £6.99, Argos

    3. On-the-wall clutter organiser
    You can mix up the rails and panels of this clever wall unit to suit how you want to use it. It’s ideal for storing all those little bits and pieces that love to get lost, with hooks and shallow shelves made for keeping headphones, keys and sunglasses safe.

    Elfa hallway system, £209, Store

    4. Inside-the-wardrobe stackable baskets
    The bamboo lids of these boxes allow them to be stacked up, so you can get twice the amount of storage out of one shelf. Their sleek, attractive design also means that they can be put on show if you haven’t got room for them inside your wardrobe.

    Orthex smart store plastic boxes, £5 each; bamboo lids, £5 each; all John Lewis

    5. Space-saving hanging storageMake the interior of your wardrobe far more flexible with a hanging storage rack that offers separate compartments for clothes, towels, linens, scarves, hats and bags.

    Neatfreak six-shelf organiser, £15, John Lewis

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