Save £199.99 on Sage Barista coffee machine when you buy it on Amazon today

Be your own barista from now on
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  • If you love coffee, like really love coffee you’ll be well aware of this magnificent machine! We are of course talking about ‘Sage The Barista Express Machine’. Its exquisite coffee making skills usually come with an expensive price tag. But from 13-14 October only, thanks to this amazing Amazon Prime Day Sage Barista deal, it’s reduced by a staggering £199!

    It’s one of our highlights from two amazing days of Amazon Prime Day sales.

    Amazon Prime Day Sage Barista deal

    Sage the barista coffee machine

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    Sage The Barista Express Machine: was £599.95, now £399.99 (33% off)

    The brilliant Barista machine has an Ideal Home four-star review, meaning we can shout even louder about this deal! Our reviewer Caramel says: ‘Some coffee lovers want a machine to do all the work and dispense the perfect drink. Others enjoy and take pride in the process of making coffee. The Sage is more for the latter audience. This isn’t an effortless bean-to-cup machine, it’s more like a grinder and coffee machine combined. Everything you need in one unit, but you are the barista.’

    View deal: Sage The Barista Express Machine: was £599.95, now £399.99

    One of the team has this machine (but didn’t snap it up during a deals day, so we’re trying not to rub it in) and swears ‘it’s the best cup of coffee ever from home’.


    An integrated conical burr grinder grinds on-demand. Delivering the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste. This works with any roast of bean, allowing you to perfect your own cup.

    Digital temperature control ensure the water is dispensed at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction.

    And for that coffee-shop finish the steam wand performs at the level that allows you to hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances flavour and enables creation of latte art.

    If you love coffee it’s always worth investing in the best. But to make it even more appealing we’ve done the maths (look aware now if you wish to remain oblivious).

    Say you spend £3 a day on coffee, that’s £21 a week, which adds up to £84 a month – that’s a sum of £1008 a year on coffee shop bought coffees! The spend on a machine doesn’t seem so indulgent now does it?

    This brilliant Amazon Prime Day Sage Barista deal price means you can drink exceptional coffee at home, feeling all the more smug because you saved £199.97!

    Mine’s a cappuccino…

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