The end of the world may be nigh but at least you’ll be cosy in this purpose-built luxury apocalypse bunker

Who said the apocalypse had to be uncomfortable? There may be fire, brimstone and chaos all around you but if you've got £20,000 to spare you could sit it out in style in a five-star subterranean Vivos shelter

A fully-stocked wine cellar, beauty salon and a larder bursting with enough food to feed you comfortably for a year – welcome to Vivos, where you can sit out the end of the world in style.

It may sound a bit, well, nuts, but entrepreneur, Robert Vicino – who has already built two massive doomsday bunkers in the
US – is planning to develop two giant facilities in secret locations in

And if his American projects are anything to go by, moving in will not
mean skimping on the finer thing in life.

Apocalypse now: In the event of a nuclear attack or alien invasion, don't run for the hills, make your way to a five-star luxury bunker where you can sit out the end of the world in style  John Chapple / Rex Features

Described as subterranean cruise ships, the Vivos shelters cost £20,00 per person and boast enough
stored food and drink to last 12 months for up to a thousand people,
medical and dental facilities, a home cinema and even a small jail in
case anyone steps out of line.

Robert, 58, from Orange County, California is currently scouring the UK
for former cold war shelters to transform and thinks Brits have good
reason to worry about the end of the world.

He said: ‘This is serious stuff. I can tell you that if you live in London you should be concerned.

‘How high above sea level is it? What happens if there is a tsunami or sea levels rise quickly? The city could be wiped out.

Everything including the kitchen sink: Entrepreneur Robert Vicino, who has already built two massive doomsday bunkers in the US, is planning to develop two giant facilities in secret locations in Britain equiped with every mod con you can think of / John Chapple/Rex Features

‘We have strong intent to develop two shelters in the UK large
enough to house 1,000 people. It is just a matter of finding the right

Cheery stuff.

Robert’s vision to save humankind from being wiped out began when he was
in his 20s but it wasn’t until five years ago that he put the plans in

He began developing sites in Nebraska, Indiana and the Mojave desert in California.

Nebraska and Indiana are now both fully functioning and ready for residents should the worst happen.

Home from home: As well as comfortable beds, the bunkers also have a fully-stocked wine cellar, beauty salon as well as schools and medical facilities  John Chapple / Rex Features

For the pricetag in the 137,000 square feet, four-storey Nebraska
enterprise, you get to own space in a four person studio apartment with
shared bathroom facilities, built to withstand a 50 mega tonne blast, naturally.

All shelters have an air filtration system to keep deadly chemicals out
and a SWAT-trained security team to prevent intruders breaking in. Can you keep a secret? Vivos owner, Robert Vicino is now looking for former cold war shelter in Britain that he can convert into luxury apocalypse accommodation  Robert Chapple/Rex Features

According to Robert, the shelters also come equipped with deluxe bathrooms,
kitchen and dining areas, spacious lounges and meeting areas, computers,
entertainment electronics, exercise equipment, a library and classroom,
vaults for valuables, a communications center, laundry
facilities, repair shop, and even a complete wardrobe of comfortable
clothing and footwear in all sizes.

On a cheerier note, Robert insists he hopes his clients never have to use their new home-from-homes: ‘It’s like life insurance, you know you should have it but let’s hope it doesn’t get cashed in.’

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