April Fool’s Day pranks from home and lifestyle

April Fool’s Day is here - it’s a day of jokes and pranks where brands try their best to raise a smile with weird and wonderful product launches and quirky ideas.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best April Fool’s Day fun we could find… Here are a few of our favourites!

Young’s fine dining restaurant for cats

There’s no denying that we are a nation of cat lovers, with 7.9 million kept as pets in the UK.
Now you can treat your moggy to the dinner he deserves thanks to a new cat café
that has been opened by Young’s Seafood. Guests
(cats only) will enter the restaurant on Grimsby Docks through a catflap to dine from specially designed bone china bowls, feasting on steamed fish on a bed of crispy biscuits with a sprig of catnip. Plans to open three further restaurants in Catford, Purley and Felixstowe are in the pipeline. Purrfect.

Stay in the Palace of Westminster

Looking for a one of a kind place to stay in London this summer? How about the infamous Houses of Parliament? HomeAway is offering people the chance to eat, sleep and stay in this unique building that has been the meeting place for Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies and MPs for centuries. The only setback? It’s
£142,016 a night – but who can really put a price on sleeping in such an iconic London landmark?

Ideal Standard’s avocado bathroom suite

In the last year, we have seen 70s trends making a huge comeback – from retro furniture and patterns to the colour orange – there’s no denying that the nation’s love of all things 70s is on the up! So it may come as no surprise that the avocado bathroom suite is tipped to be the next big thing in the world of interiors. 20 years after it was discontinued, Ideal Standard is re-launching this infamous shade. Robin Levien, Ideal Standard International designer, said: “The one thing that guarantees a revival of anything is that it is universally hated – and, sure enough, the infamous Avocado bathroom created by Armitage Shanks back in 1969 is being re-launched by popular demand.”

Valspar’s paint drone

At least, the arduous task of painting walls has, once and for all, been solved! No longer will you have to pay a decorator over the odds or spend multiple weekends taping, painting and cleaning up just to redecorate a room! Say hello to Valspar’s (and indeed the world’s) first automated painting drone.

With a forward facing camera and two ultra-sonic sensors, simply load up with a paint cartridge and place the drone in front of the wall you want to paint! Sounds ideal to us! And as an added bonus, the Valspar Painting Drones will be available to hire for free for 24 hours when buying Valspar paint from B&Q!

TheHouseShop.com’s Extreme House Selling service

When it comes to selling your home, making it stand out from the crowd is of the utmost importance. These days, a simple spruce up of the front garden and a ‘For Sale’
sign just isn’t enough – and that’s where TheHouseShop.com’s latest offering comes in…

The launch of their new Extreme House Selling services means that sellers can hire a range of performers to catch the attention of passers-by. Professional For Sale board models
(choice of male or female), fire breathers, marching bands or acrobat performances are all on offer, with prices ranging from £99.99 to £250.00. So, if you’re struggling to shift your property, what are you waiting for?

Live Smart’s Y-Fi pants

You’re halfway through watching your favourite show on Netflix and your wifi signal drops out… Is there anything more frustrating? Well, that frustration will soon be a thing of the past thanks to Live Smart‘s new innovative wearable technology – Y-Fi paint. From a preset menu of hip flicks, wiggles and thrusts, the underpants offer a range of environment controls, from controlling mood lighting to remotely changing your TV channel. Genius.

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