Step inside the most amazing house renovation we’ve ever seen!

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big - and colourful! - surprise

Welcome to American artist Kat O’Sullivan’s house – a renovated farmhouse in High Falls forest.

Despite its location – and its farmhouse credentials – this isn’t the type of converted building you often see in the woods. No, this is a kaleidoscopic transformation from crumbling shack to big, bright house.

When colourful Kat bought a crumbling old white shack in a remote wooded area, her friends were sure she was going mad.
Thundering round in brightly transformed buses and swirling psychedelic dresses, this old thing wasn’t Kat’s usual taste.

However, one transformation later and here you have Calico, the christened house that has a life, and webpage, of its own. Adopting a fairy-tale style complete with Cheshire cat grin, this pad must be a shock for ramblers and explorers when they stumble across it.

And the gift just keeps on giving on the inside, too. The basic, bland interiors of the home have been transformed into Kat’s cave
(forget Aladdin, this has far more treasures.)



The plain yellow kitchen equipped with basic sink and oven from the 50s got a dramatic make over when Kat slathered on crimson red lipstick, and the homemade dining table looks straight out of a traveller’s wagon. Glossed with a turquoise paint and adorned with bubbled woodwork and mosaic tiles, this eating station is so distracting we’re not sure you could ever finish a meal here.

Meanwhile, the den looks as if it has been hand plucked straight out of a museum. Gilded artwork and mirror frames adorn midnight blue walls and from the obscure, domed roof hangs a brassy chandelier. This room is a real feast for the eyes.

Arguably the best room of the house, the living room, oozes Moroccan decadence. Grand, gold seats sit amongst regal red walls smothered in artwork from countries across the globe, whilst the threaded canopies that hang from the ceiling would be fitting in an Indian wedding.

Accessed via a narrow Bettlejuice-inspired staircase, which looks good enough to unwrap, you reach upstairs. The attic has taken on a more traditional transformation, though still colourful in nature, and imposing glass stained panels make up an entire.

Calico is certainly a very special house with a very big personality. But if Kat’s selection of Etsy sweaters were anything to go by, we knew this house was going to be memorable!

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