Bake off and go: The Great British Bake Off effect strikes again as more people turn their hand at baking, but at what cost to your electricity bill!

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  • With The Great British Bake off returning to our screens, it seems there is no better time to get back to the kitchen and take up baking again! But while rustling up cakes and cookies is ALWAYS a good idea, it might be time to take a look at ways that you can save energy without sacrificing your baking credentials

    It is important to make sure that all that culinary fun we are having isn’t also cranking up those utility bills. By making just a few small changes we can ensure that, when we are in the kitchen, only our cake will rise and not our energy bills.

    Firstly, suggest the home-efficiency specialists at Zenith Home, if you’ve taken anything out of the freezer make sure it is thoroughly defrosted before you start to cook. This can reduce overall cooking time and keep energy zapping pre-heating to a minimum.

    How about using the microwave oven where possible? The microwave is the most energy-efficient way of cooking – followed by the hob and then the oven. We learn something new every day!

    Also, if you do use the microwave, remember to switch off at the wall when you’re done otherwise you’ll be using electricity to power its clock.

    And all those peepers out there (you know who you are!) will understand the benefits of using an oven with a window… of course! No need to open and close the door every minute, letting all that heat escape while you poke about at your culinary masterpiece. Although it works our abs in the process, right?

    What about one-pot cooking? You can make delicious stews, soups and other great meals by using just one pot, reducing energy consumption.

    Think, too, about quantities. If you make a little more than you need this can actually reduce cooking time across a week because you’ll be heating up leftovers rather than cooking from scratch for at least some of the time. Ah, the hours you could save!

    Since the new series of The Great British Bake Off began, our office has never seen so many homemade cakes, biscuits and scones. And not a soggy bottom or hair-raising bill in sight! Hurrah!

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