Talk about pouring money down the plughole – £150,000 bath encrusted with 22,000 Swarovski crystals debuts at Harrods

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  • The Swarovski Crystal Saracen bath from Catchpole & Rye takes over 200 man hours to create with each crystal painstakingly positioned using a humble pencil covered in Bluetac

    Fancy a bit of bling in your bathroom? Got access to a bottomless pit of cash? Artisan bath manufacturer, Catchpole & Rye has come up with the perfect solution – a crystal studded bathtub.

    The bling-tastic tub is certainly the most eye-catching creation from the Kent-based bathroom maker, but it is not, however, the most expensive bath that we’ve come accross.

    That accolade goes to Tamara Ecclestone who reportedly spent an astonishing £1million last year on a lavish solid crystal bath sourced by her minions in the Amazon.

    Splash out: The Swarovski Saracen bath from Catchpole & Rye will set you back a cool £150,000 Catchpole & Rye

    For those of you that can’t make it to the Amazon, the jewel-encrusted Crystal Saracen bath is priced at a *ahem* far more reasonable
    £150,000 and features 22,000 white Swarovski crystals all applied to the cast iron tub by hand.

    The meticulous job of gluing each crystal in place is achieved using a not-so-glamorous pencil covered in Bluetac and takes around 200 hours per bath.

    Eye catching: Each crystal is glued on by hand using a pencil covered in Bluetac to place it on the cast iron frame Catchpole & Rye

    So if you fancy adding a bit of bling and a truck full of crystals to your bathroom head on down to Harrods where you can browse Catchpole & Rye’s glitzy collection for yourself.

    The company’s bathtubs, manufactured exclusively in England, are made in their Kent foundry using traditional methods.

    Tast for tradition: Artisan bath company Catchpole & Rye use traditional methods to make their designer tubs Catchpole & Rye

    And if white isn’t your thing, the made-to-order tub can be covered in different shades of Swarovski crystal options, including gold, blue and green crystals.

    Personal customisation is available, and Catchpole & Rye will painstakingly spell out names or even create crests and logos in different coloured crystals.

    Feeling flush? Why not have your name included in the design? Catchpole & Rye offer personalised versions of their crystal studded tub Catchpole & Rye

    If you haven’t got the money to splash out on the Saracen bath, why not opt for the slightly smaller (and cheaper) Petit Bateau which could be yours for a mere £120,000?

    Bling-tastic: For those with smaller bathrooms (and smaller wallets) the Petit Bateau will set you back £120,000

    Here at Housetohome we think Catchpole & Rye’s handcrafted baths are so beautiful they don’t need all the added bling. What do you reckon?

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