Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a giant bird’s nest? Well now you can find out…

Sofa's are so 2012! This year, why not spruce up your socialising space with a nest-that-looks-like-a-sofa-that-looks-like-a-bed... well, you get the idea

What do you mean you’ve never wondered what it would be like to sleep in a giant bird’s next? All snuggly and cocooned safely together with your fellow brethren… ah, bliss!

OK, so maybe it does sound a little new age and ‘hipster’, but it does look like an awful lot of fun. And sofas are just so, well, conventional.

Snug as a bug: The Giant Bird's Nest is the latest concept from Israeli architects, O*GE Creative Group features a wooden structure filled with ergonomically-desinged foam-filled cushions  O*GE Creative Group/Rex Features

The aptly-named, Giant Bird’s Nest is the latest concept from Israeli architects, O*GE Creative Group and was hatched as a prototype for a ‘new and inspiring socialising space: a fusion of furniture and playground’.

The human-sized ‘nest’ comes in various sizes, from a small and intimate nest for two-to-three people up to a 4.5m diameter version which can host up to 16 people. Cosy!

Ommmmm: Forget meetings in the local coffee shop, the cosy nest can accommodate up to 16 people and designed as socialising space (depending on how hipster you boss is)  O*GE Creative Group/Rex Features

Inside, the wooden nest is filled with cosy egg-shaped poofs designed to allow ergonomic sitting positions – so it’s perfect for informal work meetings as well as family time.

But nesting on a gigantic scale doesn’t come cheap (geddit?). The 16-people version of the nest comes in at around £6,450.

It's not cheap! We're not sure it'll catch on anytime soon, but we have to admit, the Giant Bird's Nest does look like fun  O*GE Creative Group/Rex Features

Two of its designers, Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr describe the nest as ‘powerful, yet a simple concept with intriguing character that needs no explanation or user manual.

‘Anyone can use the space whether for play, work or just to relax after a long day’.

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