Born again belongings with these 6 inspired up-cycling ideas

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  • Don't throw away your old possessions; Consider injecting life back into them with these very simple up-cycling ideas. Smart and satisfying...

    You may think upcycling is a recent trend, but in fact it has been around for a while, and is a fun and creative way to reinvent the old and add a personal spin to your living space.

    1.Vinyl book ends

    When we think of up-cycling we usually think of furniture, but you can start small. Take some old vinyl’s and with a bit of heat the vinyl bends, mould a corner using hot water and a piece of wood to keep one edge upright. Once it has taken shape, let it cool down and then you can start proudly organising your books. These funky bookends were created in just 5 minutes! Wowza!

    2. Copper wire lamp shades

    Copper finishes add a stylish touch to a modern decorating scheme. Get them old lampshades out of the loft and strip them back to their bare bones. Using copper paint found at B&Q, spray the frames outside and leave to dry over night. Now you can light up your living space in style. Voila!

    3. Suitcase table

    This is an amazing alternative to a bedside table. Made from a vintage suitcase and a modern table, this intriguing design will make a statement in any bedroom. Using Unibond Glue found at B&Q, secure together by covering the bottom of the suitcase with the glue and fix into place. Heavy books will help the surface adhere. It’s as simple as that.

    4. Ombre effect chairs

    Jazz up an ordinary dining chair with an Ombre effect. It’s all about the detail when it comes to this trend, so take your time and get it right. The ispydiy blog have suggested a wining combination of neon spray paint on a whiet modern chair. Simply spray heavier at the foot of the leg and create a gradual gradient fading off. Your toes will be tapping…

    5. Cork board with a graphic pattern

    Turn your lifeless cork board into graphic wall art. Bring your home office alive with dynamic patterns. A very straightforward method of using masking tape and a paint colour of your choice. Paint in the gaps and once dry, pull the tape off and all will be revealed.

    / ispydiy blog

    6. Flower pots with a difference

    Imagine how happy your plants would be in this home crafted drip style pot. This is very achievable in less an hour. Paint your plain pots with a base colour and once dry, then drip a contrasting colour in the opposite direction. Give your plants a perfect place to grow…

    Will you be embracing the up-cycling trend? Tell us how, or better yet, show us!

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