Bright and breezy or tight and squeezy? Compact living takes an even more literal form in north London

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  • Being able to afford proximity to the buzz of a trendy London neighbourhood involves sacrifices, but when is not enough simply too much?

    Take a deep breath. Now hold it.

    You are now ready to move in to what is reportedly one of London’s smallest flats currently on the market.
    Advertised at £780 a calendar month, the studio in north London boasts a ‘mezzanine style’ and close proximity to local amenities. And that is about it.

    Turns out that ‘mezzanine style’ means you have to climb a ladder to get into (and out of) the single bed. According to one report, there is less than two feet between the mattress and the ceiling, making it ideal for getting cosy or maybe re-enacting scenes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

    And proximity to local amenities appears to mean ‘over a shop’.

    It may be a steal compared with the reported average £1,400 a month for a one-bedroom flat in the area but, proportionally, the average gerbil is kept in a cage that is significantly more generous.

    And the cage generally includes three meals a day, a cleaner and a giant wheel to promote health and vitality. You are overlooked by giant neighbours who often try to pet you, but that is somehow still more appealing than not being able to sit up in bed.

    Still – if the compactness appeals to your agoraphobic side, you can see full details of the flat at

    I, personally, will be looking at gerbil cages this weekend.

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