Britain’s biggest bedroom turn offs

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  • We’ve discovered what the nation is really up to under the sheets – and what their other half thinks of it!

    When it comes to the bedroom, everyone has their own pet peeves.

    From clothes on the floor to pizza boxes in places they shouldn’t be, the bedroom is no longer somewhere just for sleep…

    Thanks to a survey of 2,000 people, Betta Living has revealed what really turns the nation off, with everyone ‘fessing up to their biggest dislikes regarding their partner’s behaviour and their own guilty pleasures.

    A whopping 58% of the nation admitted that eating between the sheets was the worst thing a partner could do in the bedroom, and 38% even went as far to say that it would be enough for them to consider writing off a new lover! So maybe think twice about that breakfast in bed plan! Or keep your pizza munching strictly downstairs.

    Coming in at a close second on the nation’s list of bedroom behaviour no-nos was taking tech to bed – particularly a partner who indulged in social media when under the sheets.

    Almost half – 42% – of respondents named this as a bugbear but 68% admitted to doing it themselves! Perhaps they could tweet each other about their frustrations?

    A bi-product from all that eating in bed, leaving dirty crockery on the floor or bedside table came in third place, with 32% admitting that half-drunk mugs of tea and coffee in the bedroom was a major headache at home.

    And if dirty dishes, crumbs in the bed and constant Facebook browsing wasn’t enough, it would seem that watching TV and video gaming is now commonplace in the bedroom, with 42% of Brits admitting to watching TV shows from a horizontal position at least four times a week and 24% of people playing video games.

    Well, at least if you’re going to be spending that much time eating, gaming and watching TV in bed it gives you the excuse to buy some nice new sheets and PJs, right?

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