Cut-price Queenie: think your electricity bill’s steep? Wait until you hear how much the bills are at Buckingham Palace

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  • No wonder Her Majesty is down to her last £1 million - the combined energy bills for the Royal Household were an eye watering £774,000 last year

    The recent storms and cold weather have seen us all turn up the thermostat and keep an eye on leaking roofs and windows. And it seems there’s a similar (well, sort of) story at Buckingham Palace where soaring bills and crumbling walls have pushed the Queen’s cash reserves down to £1 million.

    A recent report has revealed that, despite the sheen of glitz and glamour, the interior of Buckingham Palace is showing its age and struggling to cope with the chilly weather.

    The electricity and gas bills for the Palace and the Royal Mews last year were a staggering £774,000.

    But while these bills are eye watering, they are perhaps not
    unexpected when you consider the size and age of Buck
    Palace and the fact that some of the radiators are over 60 years old. Well, they certainly wouldn’t get an energy efficiency A+ rating.

    However, the Royal Household are on the case, which will no doubt please Prince Charles who has famously devoted himself to environmental causes.

    In light of the report, they have ‘advertised to recruit an Environmental Manager with the aim of
    achieving significant changes in energy use’.

    So far, so good – somehow we can’t imagine anyone telling the
    Queen or visiting Heads of State to wear another sweater for warmth as they tour the State rooms.

    Unfortunately the report also revealed that the Queen’s reserve fund is down to £1 million, which marks the lowest level the fund has ever fallen to in its history. For comparison, the balance stood at £35 million in 2001. Oh, for a bank balance like that.

    MPs have warned that, due to this low cash reserve, the Household ‘could
    be unable to cover its expenditure on any unforeseen events that might
    affect The Queen’s programme’.

    Or, to put it another way, if the roof
    falls in £1 million is unlikely to cover the repairs.

    As such it has advised that the Royal Household ‘needs to get a much firmer grip on how it plans to address its backlog of property maintenance’.

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