Children’s bedrooms they can’t outgrow

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  • Savvy tricks to create a bedroom that your child can't outgrow

    When decorating your child’s bedroom, you ideally want a space that will serve them for the long run – good quality, timeless and functional.

    Decorating is an expensive chore that costs precious weekends, décor debates with your assertive little one and duff jobs that always require a handyman somewhere down the line.

    These six savvy tricks will create a time capsule in your child’s den that will serve them through their most important years.

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    1. Disposable décor

    Image credits: Dominic Blackmore

    By disposable decorations we mean any artwork that isn’t permanent and can easily be updated – think removable wall stickers, photo frames and hanging signs. These cushions are also a great way to add personality to a bedroom and covers can be changed with ease (and without splashing the cash) too.

    2. Sophisticated colour schemes


    Image credits: Emma Lewis

    Mature colour palettes or wallpaper in timeless stripes, swirls or florals will easily carry your infant through their adolescent years. Keep lots of paint back for touch-ups though as we doubt the same pigment will still be stocked in 15 years’ time.

    3. Investment furniture

    Invest the money young and the furniture will pay its price in the long-term. Timeless furniture that is finished to a high quality in a trustworthy fabric, such as an armchair, settee or dressing table, will see your child into their first home. Pieces like this become a staple within the family and can even be distributed around the house when they’re done with it.

    4. Multi-purpose furniture

    Whilst potentially expensive, multi-functional pieces are the equivalent of a 2-in-1 deal. Cribs become beds and changing tables become desks to see your child from baby to primary school. Even better, once they’re done with it, its life cycle can begin again by handing it down to your second child or lending to a friend.

    5. Adequate storage space

    Cute, miniature furniture is tempting when your child is 2ft. However, as they grow out of their table set into strapping young men and clothes obsessed women, storage becomes difficult. Built in wardrobe space is a dream and cunning designs like this one with built in drawers, desk space and storage units will easily carry your child throughout their school years.

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    6. Long-life pieces

    Make your furniture prosper from a long life by thinking of your child’s needs ahead of time. When purchasing their first big bed, why not think ahead and order a double? Whilst they are young you can attach a bed rail, but by the older years you will be grateful you purchased ahead.

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