Man spends £20,000 decorating the wrong apartment in Chinese new-build

Gui Lizhong claims he had been shown around the wrong apartment by a saleswoman in the Chongqing province of China and began his renovations before the numbers had been attached to the doors

It’s an easy mistake to make. You buy your dream apartment in an up-and-coming area and decide to splash out 190,000 Yuan (£20,000) on a swanky new decorating scheme, only to discover you’ve done up the wrong flat.

Gui Lizhong, from China’s Chongqing district, was devastated when he received a knock at the door of what he thought was his apartment, only to discover that it actually belonged to someone else.

’My first reaction
was that the man had made a mistake. However the man then produced his apartment
purchase contract – I was stunned, as in his contract, he owns the
apartment I am living in.’

Let the right one in: Poor Gui Lizhong was devastated to learn that he had spent the equivalent of £20,000 decorating the wrong apartment in a new-build in China  HAP / Quirky China News / Rex Features

The apartment Gui was sold was 4-2 in
building D, but he mistakenly decorated 4-1. 

However, Gui says the
mistake is not his because when he signed the sales contract the
apartments had not yet been numbered. 

He also claims that the
saleswoman took him twice to the apartment he decorated, although the real estate firm have denied this. 

It could happen to anyone: According to Gui, he was shown around the apartment twice by the real estate agents and there were no numbers on the doors  HAP / Quirky China News / Rex Features

‘She told me
that this is my apartment, otherwise I wouldn’t make the mistake.’

Meanwhile, while he was decorating Gui went and spoke to staff in the
property office a number of times about what he was doing and no one
ever told him he was decorating the wrong apartment. 

Back to the drawing board: Gui had hoped that the real owner of the flat, Long Nengyun, would swap - but he is insisting on living in his now newly decorated flat  HAP / Quirky China News / Rex Features

Gui had hoped that the real owner of the apartment, Long
Nengyun, would agree to swap and move into his own undecorated flat.

However, Long has refused because he likes the apartment’s layout and

Gui is still negotiating with the real estate developer.

there’s no satisfactory plan, we’ll settle it in court,’ said Gui.

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