Tiffany & Co add a touch of sparkle to this year’s St Pancras Christmas tree

From Disney toys to Tiffany – the Christmas tree at London St Pancras International is always the best dressed tree in town

This morning London St Pancras International unveils its highly anticipated 2018 Christmas tree. After the Disney cuddly toys and flower designs of Christmas’ past, this year is a fragrant delight designed by iconic jewellery brand Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. have partnered with St Pancras International to unveil a spectacular scented Christmas tree. The tree celebrates Tiffany’s signature scent and fragrance shop opening in the heart of the iconic London station.

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The stunning 43 ft Tiffany tree is taking pride of place on the station concourse, from now until 4th January 2019 – gleefully greeting commuters, Londoners, and tourists alike.

St Pancras Christmas tree 2018 – Tiffany & Co.

St Pancras Christmas tree

Image credit: St Pancras International

To create the perfect sensory experience Tiffany & Co.’s Signature Eau de Parfum fragrance will be diffused from the tree at key intervals each day.

st Pancras Christmas tree

Image credit: St Pancras International

The iconic Tiffany & Co blue boxes are brought to life in the form of a giant 17 ft robot! It’s this animatronic robot that gives the holiday hero, the chrome articulated drawing figure, a helping hand up to put the finishing touches on the tree.

The articulated figure was first seen in the legendary Gene Moore’s 1960s imaginative window displays for Tiffany & Co.

St Pancras Christmas tree

Image credit: St Pancras International

‘The launch of the St Pancras International luxury Christmas tree is one of the most highly anticipated moments in our calendar.’ explains Wendy Spinks, Commercial Director of HS1 Ltd. ‘This year’s Tiffany & Co. spectacle continues our legacy of stunning Christmas centerpieces, which help bring the festive season to life.

‘We look forward to welcoming commuters, shoppers and tourists to the station to relax and unwind, whilst enjoying the tree and selecting the perfect gifts for their loved ones from the station’s host of premium retailers’.

 St Pancras Christmas tree 2017 – Moyses Stevens

St Pancras Christmas tree 2017

Ever wondered what 15,000 flowers would look like on a Christmas tree? Wonder no more, that’s exactly what St Pancras did last year.

Last year was a statuesque flower tree created by the station’s very own luxury florist, Moyses Stevens. Bringing a festive flourish to the famous station, the hand-crafted 47ft floral sensation boasted over 15,000 flowers and took over 1,151 expert man hours to bring to life.

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St Pancras Christmas tree 2017

The tree’s branches are interlaced with beautiful roses, hydrangeas, delicate anemones, amaryllis, orchids and dianthus. Pretty petals and pine cones wrap around the tree in lieu of traditional lights.

A spokesperson for Moyses Stevens said of the tree, ‘We hope our creation will help fuel the trend for floral Christmas trees. Inspiring even more people to enjoy having flowers in their home’.

How to create a flower Christmas tree

1. Start with a colour scheme that compliments your interior

Keep in mind that if you wish to use fresh flowers, the colours will be endless, but you will be limited if you wish to use gold and silver as nature has yet to provide us with these
2. Choose your structure

Conical floral foam structures can be obtained from online suppliers, but you can also use your Christmas tree if you chose to use artificial flowers.
3.  Select flowers that have large heads

Open amaryllis, roses and peonies ( although not in season ) are perfect as they give instant impact.
4.  If you are using fresh flowers, they will only have a short life span

Think one week max. You will also need to think about filling out the shape and any gaps with foliage. We used pine and ferns in our tree.
5.  When adding artificial flowers to a real tree, follow the natural lines and place blooms at the tips

If buried in too deeply, they will get lost in the branches

6.  Add some sparkle with glittery pine cones

You can even use any baubles you have to give the tree a denser appearance and add extra colour definition.

The flower spectacular is certainly a sophisticated move on from the previous year’s cuddly tower of toys…

St Pancras Christmas tree 2016

That’s food for thought before you put your own tree up this Christmas. Fancy recreating the Tiffany Christmas tree for your home this year?

Tiffany is #AllYouNeed this Christmas – that’s the message.

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