Centre of attention: curious human-sized cocoons that can be used at home, in a park or even up a tree

The transparent globe structure - Cocoon 1 - is the brainchild of Swiss designer, Micasa Lab and brings a whole new meaning to living in a bubble

At Housetohome we’ve seen our fair share of eclectic furniture designs so we were intrigued when we heard about the latest offering from fashion-forward Swiss design studio, Micasa Lab.

The curious transparent globe – the Cocoon 1 – has been described by the company as a ‘place of retreat’ for those who want all the benefits of peace and quiet while still allowing interaction with the outside world.

Mi casa, tu casa: Swiss design studio, Micasa Lab has come up with a novel idea of getting away from it all without hiding yourself away  Micasa Lab, REX Features

Who'd live in a pod like this? The transparent cocoons are 180cm diameter and can be used for different functions by the addition of specially-designed modules  Micasa Lab, REX Features

The human-sized bubbles can be placed almost anywhere – in a room, suspended from a ceiling, in water or even hung from a tree in a specially-designed net (just what we’ve been waiting for!).

The modular design also allows them to used for different functions: custom-made pillows are designed for sleeping while a power pack has enough energy to light the pod for 40 hours, or if you fancy whipping up some eggs for breakfast, 20 hours of lighting and 30 minutes of cooking.

Not convinced?

Back to nature: Swiss design studio, Micasa Lab are keen to promote the versitility of their quirky pods, but will it catch on?  Micasa Lab, REX Features

Hanging around: A specially-designed net allows the Cocoon 1 to be hung from trees although we're not quite sure how you'd get in or out  Micasa Lab, REX Features

Kick back and relax: The innovative - if slightly unusual - concept is the result of Micasa's research into exploring the idea of human space and living  Micasa Lab, REX Features

Micasa Lab came up with the transparent shell design in response to ongoing research exploring the idea of human space and living.

It’s designed as a self-contained living space that deconstructs the notion of a sanctuary. Which all sounds wonderful, if only we had a clue what that actualy meant!

Well, we’re all for a bit of deconstruction, but we’re not entirely sure it’ll catch on, especially considering the £1,900 price tag.

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