Dyson heater reduced by £150 – and it’s selling like hot cakes

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  • Take off the winter chill with this fantastic Black Friday deal!

    Black Friday is still a full week away, but Argos doesn’t care! It’s offering up some fab bargains – most recently this Dyson heater with an epic £150 discount. With temperatures plunging, it’s a timely buy that you can put anywhere. A chilly bedroom, a freezing home office, an Arctic living room…

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    Buy now: Dyson AM09 White/Silver Hot and Cool Fan Heater, £250, Argos

    With an RRP of £399.99, this fan heater isn’t cheap – even with almost 40 per cent off. But it’s bursting with clever technology and will keep you at a comfortable temperature the whole year round. In fact, it can maintain any temperature between 0 and 37°C, cheaper and more stylishly than any fan heater you’ll have used before.

    We love its design. With no spinning blades or exposed heating elements and an auto shut off should it get tipped over, you can use it with little kids around, worry free. These features make it really simple to keep clean, too. But if it does get dusty, there’s no nasty smell – the burning point of dust is above the maximum temperature of the heating element, which never gets hotter than 200°C.

    Suitable for rooms up to 30m², this floor-standing fan heats or cools a space exceptionally easily in Diffused mode. But if you want a more focussed heat, the Jet Control will direct a powerful airflow to a pinpoint position from across the room.


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    Because the fan is Quiet Mark approved, we think it’s a good buy for a bedroom. You can set a sleep timer that will shut off the fan after any time period between 15 minutes and nine hours, and all the while you’ll be hard pressed to hear it working.

    We’re such big FANS off this Black Friday deal, we’re off to put our orders in now before it sells out.

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