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  • With the Oscars just around the corner, eBay reveals shoppers are taking style inspiration from Best Picture nominees

    It would seem watching the Best Picture nominees has inspired shoppers to recreate the sets at home. With seven searches every half an hour for typewriters and 83 retro writing desks sold a day, Brits are opting for Oscar-style offices.

    From 70s newsroom style, courtesy of The Post, to grand Churchill style – when it comes to furnishing home offices it’s all about Oscar worthy buys.

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    Best picture

    Image credit: Jon Day

    Spielberg’s journalistic triumph ‘The Post’ is winning over critics, with acclaimed performances by Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. While critics are watching the actors, some were more focused on the cool 1970s interiors.

    The week of Oscar nominations saw more than 2000 searches for retro typewriters, that’s 14 searches for the vintage office must-have every hour! Joining the trend for nostalgic office accessories, the filing cabinet boasted 300 searches a day in the same period.

    It’s not just us at home searching the site, the film’s set decorator Rena DeAngelo reportedly sourced items from eBay to create the film’s authentic 70s look.

    Best picture Retro-phone

    While Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill has helped to earn Darkest Hour numerous award nominations, some eagle-eyed viewers were more interested in the 1940s office accessories. Shoppers were keen to recreate the classic vibes for their own home office, with more than 1,000 searches for vintage telephones the week of nomination announcements.

    The interiors of the idyllic Italian villa featured in Call Me By Your Name has also made quite an impression. The film prompted nearly 600 writing desks to be sold on eBay in the week following Oscar nomination announcements. That number translates to 83 sales per day for a desk like the one seen in the villa’s home office.

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    The enchanting set also features a beautiful piano in key scenes. This too inspired Brits to search for a piano a minute in the same period, as we felt inspired to add a little grandeur to our own living spaces.

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