It’s a farm, Jim, but not as we know it: eco-friendly ‘farmscrapers’ could transform crowded cities into giant ecosystems

China is home to the world's largest population, has the second biggest economy and could soon host futuristic farms and living spaces designed to combat increased urbanisation using eco-friendly technology

So what does green living mean to you – a bit of recycling, energy saving at home or buying locally to reduce your carbon footprint?

Well French architects Vincent Callebaut have taken eco-living to new heights by designing six incredible ‘farmscrapers’.

A farmscraper? Yes, you heard that right – the curiously shaped high-rise buildings may look like something out of a sci-fi film, but they’re ingeniously designed to combine several eco-systems with office units and residential apartments.
Eco-living of the future? Architects Vincent Callebaut have taken the concept to new heights by designing six incredible 'farmscrapers'  Solent News/Rex Features

Formed around a central tower block, each of the six skyscrapers will be 396 metres tall and have 111 floors – containing residential areas, offices and leisure space.

Suspended gardens will be added to the exterior of most of the structures, which look like stacks of giant glass pebbles.
The pebble-shaped buildings may look like something out of a sci-fi film, but they are cleverly designed to combine eco-systems with apartments, offices and gardens  Solent News/Rex Features

Better still, a huge collection of wind turbines and solar cells will be placed on each of the stacked pebbles, providing a great source for renewable energy.

Is that green enough for you?

Wind turbines and solar cells on the stacked pebbles would provide a great source of renewable energy  Solent News/Rex Features

Vincent Callebaut Architects are behind the masterplan, which they hope to build in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The conceptual project, known as Asian Cairns, also includes a system that will recycle the waste water generated by the vertical farms.
Slide away: The conceptual project, known as Asian Cairns, also includes a system that will recycle waste water  Solent News/Rex Features

‘The Asian Cairns project is an urban multi-functional and ecological construction. It symbolises our architectural philosophy in that we transform cities into ecosystems.

‘We want to turn each constraint into an opportunity – and convert waste into renewable natural resources.’

It is hoped the six ‘farmscrapers’ will combat the growing population and increased urban development in Shenzhen, as well as cut C02 emissions.

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