Everything’s bigger and better in Texas! Americans build the world’s largest gingerbread house in time for Christmas

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  • Fancy taking a bite? This record-breaking gingerbread home has 'everything except plumbing' and weighs in at an incredible 36 million calories

    When Texans decide to do something, they don’t do half measures. So when A&M Traditions Club decided to build a gingerbread house, they er… built the largest one in the world.

    Yes, you read that right, this entire life-sized house is hand-crafted entirely from bona fide gingerbread.

    To get an idea of how large an undertaking this project was, the house consists of 1,800 pounds of butter, 3,000 pounds of brown sugar, 7,200 eggs and 7,200 pounds of flour. Not to mention some 4,165 pounds of powdered sugar used in the icing.


    Fancy taking a bite? The entire house adds up to more than 36 million calories. But if you fancy taking a small nibble from a windowsill you might struggle, as the outside of the house is roped off to prevent hungry visitors snacking on the property. They obviously learnt from Hansel and Gretel.

    Only one person has been allowed to sample the house so far, and that’s Bill Horton, general manager of the Traditions Club.

    In order to qualify for the Guinness World Records, the house had to be verified as real gingerbread and, as Horton told TODAY.com, ‘The Guinness guy said it had to be real gingerbread and real icing, so I ate a chunk.’ The official’s reply? ‘Either that’s real gingerbread, or you’re an idiot.’

    This fairy-tale house has turned into a tourist trap, with hundreds of visitors turning up to take photos. There have even been unconfirmed reports of Father Christmas himself stopping to take a look.

    There is also a festive message of goodwill behind the sugary project, as all the money raised from entry fees is going towards the nearby St. Joseph Health System.

    The home has attracted a few unexpected visitors though. A cluster of
    2,000 bees has moved in after being lured by the sweet-smelling home and, according to Horton, they are ‘getting drunk on
    sugar’ but ‘are not bothering us’.

    Horton’s main concern was that the heat would melt the house, but, with unseasonably snowy weather hitting Texas right now, this record-breaking gingerbread house should be right at home.

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