Turkey doughnuts and mince pie crisps: the festive food combos that are enough to make you lose your (Christmas) lunch

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  • Turkey and gravy croissant, anyone? How about a mint choc chip Pringle? These are just a couple of the weird and - let's face it - not all that wonderful festive flavour combinations you can look forward to sampling this Christmas. And that's not to mention the Thanksgiving turkey cake...

    We all love Christmas lunch – but do we love it enough to eat it in cake, croissant or doughnut form? Food manufacturers certainly seem to think so.

    Culinary companies from independent bakeries to Tesco seem determined to baffle our taste buds this year by inserting festive flavours into the unlikeliest of food stuffs.

    Crimes against Christmas: Pilgrims Choice's 'Christmas dinner' cheese - as if Brussels sprouts weren't hard enough to stomach already  Pilgrims Choice

    Victoria Joy, Christmas Editor at BT.com, has created a list naming and shaming some of the wackiest snacks of the season. You’ll find these ‘acquired taste’ items on both sides of the Atlantic. So if you’re popping to New York for a spot of Christmas shopping, for example, make sure you stop off at the Zucker Bakery for one of their Thanksgiving doughnuts. They’re made with spiced pumpkin dough and filled with your choice of turkey and gravy or turkey and cranberry.

    For the same idea but with a hint of French ‘je ne sais quoi’, head to Momofuku Milk Bar for their turkey and gravy croissant.

    But what if turkey and gravy aren’t enough? What if you want an entire Thanksgiving meal presented in one, easy-to-eat baked good? Well, fear not, because the considerate creators of American foodie website chow.com have rustled up a recipe that does just that.

    No thanks: the Thanksgiving turkey cake, with layers of mashed turkey, potato and sweet potato, topped off with toasted marshmallow  chow.com

    All you need is a meatloaf tin, some mashed up turkey, some normal and
    sweet potatoes and, of course, some toasted marshmallows to top things
    off. Mmmmmmm.

    Back in Britain, Marmite is taking the idea of the champagne breakfast to extremes, producing a seasonal edition of their yeasty spread infused with, you guessed it, bubbly. Tesco, meanwhile, has pushed sweet and savoury fusion to its limits with their mince pie-flavoured crisps.

    Love it or hate it? Marmite's champagne-infused yeast extract puts a new spin on enjoying a spot of bubbly with your Christmas breakfast  Marmite

    And then there’s Pringles. Not satisfied with creating the world’s most addictive savoury party snack, they have now launched a couple of Christmassy ‘dessert’ crisps: sweet cinnamon and mint choc.

    The flavours are a limited edition – whether this is due to the relative brevity of the festive season or the fact that no-one is actually going to eat the revolting things is open to debate.

    Once you pop... you probably will want to stop, at least when it comes to Pringles' limited edition mint choc and cinnamon flavours  Pringles

    But the ultimate crime against festive cuisine has to be the Christmas dinner-infused cheese by Pilgrim’s Choice.

    This unsuspecting block of cheddar has been stuffed full of Brussels sprouts, grated carrots, bits of fruit and, of course, essence of turkey, to create what must be the most unwelcome cheese course of all time.

    Christmas crisps: Tesco's mince pie-flavoure crisps. At least they're gluten free...  Tesco

    Still, parents of fussy eaters should look on the bright side. If you’re struggling to get your little angels to eat their veg on Christmas day, simply threaten them with a slice of meaty marshmallow cake or sprouty cheese.

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