Oh my cod! Price of fish supper takes a battering as recent storms drive up prices by 10%

Chances are you'll be forking out more for your fish supper this Friday as the recent bad weather has left trawler men high and dry

Remember when fish and chips really did come wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper and you’d get change for £1.50? Hell, you’d even get a bag of scraps thrown in for free (that’s ‘batter bits’ if you were born south of Watford)… and a carton of mushy peas if you were lucky.

Ah yes, those were the days. But like half pennies, the golden age of the cheap fish supper is a thing of the past and the recent stormy weather has driven prices up even further.

A recent report by trade magazine The Grocer says that the price of popular fish such as plaice, whiting and haddock is up by around 50% on this time last year as trawlers have been grounded.

And, while it’s anticipated that the majority of the increased costs will be absorbed by businesses, putting a portion of fish and chips on your plate is still likely to cost you around 10% more than it did last year.

The magazine claims that haddock prices are up to £1,474 a tonne – a hike of 54% – while plaice now costs £1,246 a tonne, that’s 51% up on last year.

Haddock prices are being kept further inflated by the enforcement of reduced fishing quotas.

Jonathan Adams from the National Federation of Fishmongers explained the recent price predicament to The Mirror: ‘The price of fish is always affected by the weather, but when it goes up consumers must expect to pay as much as 10% more.’

In real terms, this equates to around an extra 35p a portion… which is a bit of a smack in the face (with a wet fish) if you’re trying to watch the pennies this January.

But there is at least one bit of comforting news for fish-munching landlubbers: the price of cod has actually fallen by 7.9% year-on-year to £939 a tonne.

So the motto of this sorry sea shanty: when the chips are down, a fish supper isn’t always a cheap option…

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