Give your bathroom hotel chic in 5 easy steps

Give your bathroom the boutique hotel treatment with these 5 easy ideas

For the ultimate luxurious bathing experience, pop a bath bridge over your tub and fill with pampering essentials. It’s also the perfect solution if you’ve a roll-top bath and have no handy ledges on which to pop your lotions and potions. Choose a sleek chrome bath bridge if your bathroom is modern, or go for a wooden or painted design in a vintage-style scheme. Pop a couple of your favourite blooms in a simple glass bottle or clean jam jar for a stylish finishing touch.

Mirrors can make a real statement in a bathroom, especially if you think beyond just hanging one above your basin. Pop a compact floor-standing design behind the taps at one end of your bath, if space allows, for a smart and chic hotel look. If there’s no room behind the taps, put it in a corner of your room and admire it while you’re taking a long, hot soak. A large mirror is the perfect addition to a compact bathroom, as it will bounce light around the space and make the room feel bigger.

Plenty of fluffy white towels and facecloths are a must in a hotel-inspired bathroom. But, rather than fold them into neat piles, take a tip for all the top hotels and roll them instead. Pop facecloths in a coloured bowl that complements your scheme, and keep rolled towels on a shelf or in a recess. Kepp your towels whiter than white like the hotels do byadding a scoop of Borax to your machine along with your detergent.

Accessories in hotel bathrooms are kept to a minimum to avoid cluttering up the space and are often unfussy designs, such as this slate collection. So use this principle in your bathroom too and choose only accessories that you really need, such as a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser or soap dish, plus a pot for cotton wool balls and cotton buds. All you’ll need to complete your hotel-inspired scheme is a pretty glass diffuser to keep your bathroom smelling sweet.

Luxurious toiletries in pretty packaging that are just too pretty to hide away are the order of the day in a hotel-style bathroom. If possible, find packaging that co-ordinates with your colour scheme for a cohesive look and pick up a scented candle in your favourite fragrance. Finally, group them together on a shelf or in a wall-mounted cubbyhole to create a stylish display.

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