5 hallway ideas that can save you time in the morning

Behold the power of a well-organised space

Did you know that the items you keep in your hallway could also save you time in the morning? After all, when it comes to the morning, every second counts.

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Keep your keys safe


Image credit: Colin Poole

Having a designated spot to hang or store your keys will keep you from rummaging through your bag or frantically trying to locate them around your house.

Hang a mirror

White hallway with contemporary console table and large round mirror

Image credit: Robert Sanderson

If you’re after a last minute check before leaving the house, hanging a mirror in your hallway will save you from running back to the bathroom or bedroom.

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Leave yourself a note

Project planning building work

Image credit: David Merewether

Relying on your morning brain to remember anything important is not the best plan. If there’s something important you must not forget, write yourself a note and stick it to the back of the front door the night before. Alternatively, hang a colourful ribbon on the doorknob to remind yourself before leaving the house in the morning.

Find a place for everything

Image credit: Colin Poole

While it may seem obvious, getting organised and creating a permanent home for coats and shoes will save you time trying to find a matching pair. When you get home every night, put everything back in its proper place.

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Simplify storage

Hallway wallpaper ideas gallery Hallway storage with geometric paper as a backdrop

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

A minimal hallway will ease you into the day. Keep your hallway clear of clutter with floor to ceiling shelves and an all white palette. Warm up the look by installing soft lighting behind the shelves.

Will you be incorporating any of these ideas into your hallway decorating scheme?

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