You bred raptors?! Hatch your own dinosaur with this amazing candle

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  • It’s time – prehistoric dinosaurs really are taking over the world

    You can now turn your home into a dinosaur sanctuary and quite literally ‘breed raptors’.

    For all Jurassic World lovers eagerly waiting the sequel, we have found the perfect toothy treat – cue the hatching dinosaur candle.

    This fossil flame is an egg shaped candle with something rather special inside…

    As the wax from the egg casing slowly melts away it exposes a mini raptor bubbling out of a boiling swamp of gooey wax.

    Straight out of Isla Nublar – the remote Pacific island where cloned dinosaurs are said to roam – this prehistoric, porcelain figure is a real keepsake, complete with detailed markings and parietal eyes.

    Bringing 200 million year old reptiles back to life has never been so easy! But this isn’t just any old dinosaur, this is a baby velociraptor – the world’s favourite prehistoric carnivore.

    Jurassic junkies will remember the baby velociraptor hatching at the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre and now you can recreate this famous scene in your own lab at home.

    Available exclusively at FIREBOX, you can pre order your reptile candle now and create your own Jurassic Park with a village of reptiles.

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