Looking to update the kitchen? It’s revealed as the room most in need of a new year makeover

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  • The New Year will welcome a staggering 435 million home improvement projects!

    New research from home improvement retailer B&Q reveals six in 10 Brits are constantly trying to improve their home. The average household has 16 home improvement projects on the go at any one time.

    That equates to more than 435 million home improvement projects planned across the UK in the new year. Almost a quarter admitted the kitchen requires the biggest makeover – with nearly half explaining it was the most lived-in room of the house.

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    ‘The perception that it costs a lot to make an impactful change is simply not true.’ explains Mike Lavers, Category Manager for Kitchens at B&Q.

    ‘Take the kitchen for example. Nearly a quarter say it’s the room most in need of updating, yet you needn’t worry if you aren’t in the market for a complete renovation. Mini makeover projects such as re-tiling, adding a lick of paint or installing statement open shelving can breathe new life into
    any kitchen.’

    Looking to update the kitchen in 2019?

    update the kitchen

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    More than half of those asked say the kitchen decor, fixtures and fittings tire quickly due to wear and tear. With worktops, sinks and taps sited as the most likely to end up looking tired – and need replacing.

    Meanwhile, one in six adults need to update their tiling, a fifth want to replace appliances such as the oven and dishwasher. While 14 per cent
    would like to add a splash ‘on-trend’ colour to the walls, for an instant new year makeover.

    Top 10 most needed kitchen updates

    update the kitchen

    1. Refreshing worktops
    2. Replacing sinks and taps
    3. Updating appliances
    4. Changing cupboard doors
    5. Re-doing tiling
    6. Changing blinds
    7. Adding colours to walls
    8. Adding shelving
    9. Hanging pictures
    10. Re-fitting hinges

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    Other areas in need of home improvements include replacing showers, cracked tiles, door knobs and torn wallpaper. When asked why many minor upgrades are still on the to-do list, 36 per cent claimed a lack of time was responsible. 15 per cent don’t have the confidence to take on the jobs themselves.

    A further 10 per cent are put off due to costs. This is why January, with it’s big discounts, is the ideal time to tackle home improvements.

    update the kitchen

    Santini Gloss Cream Galley Kitchen, starting from £997, B&Q

    The study shows 30 per cent are more likely to undertake DIY projects in the home to add value to the property. 26 per cent said they would  do up their home if they were hosting for an event or wanted to impress friends.

    Changing light fixtures, touching up paintwork and cleaning stains are all jobs we would tackle before hosting. Looks like we’ll be busy before New Years Eve then?!

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    The research was conducted by OnePoll, surveying 2,000 UK homeowners in December 2018.
    *ONS data confirms 27.2 million UK households in 2017, with 16 projects on the go at any one time

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