Make a mega statement by mixing your metals

Defy the metal mixing laws and stand your silver pieces alongside gold accents with pride!

Are you a gold or a silver person?

Well, why not be both?

It’s now all about mixing your metals and clashing sparkly silvers with sultry golds – a style that is glamorous with an element of understated attitude that finds a balance between disco diva and desirable drama…

Choose one underlying metal tone

Mixing your metals in a small space can be a tricky feat but this table area reigns supreme. Using a gold undertone throughout allows iridescent, yellow gold features, brassy gold table legs and silver to work together.

Work white into your look

A largely white wallpaper helps marry the different elements in this look as fine golden strips, slim silver rays and spindly lamp stands all sit together in the entrance hall without looking busy or clashing.

Allow one colour to stand out

Make a feature out of one metal and subtly add further, understated metallics alongside it. This baroque bed is rich in features and gold so the wallpaper, chair and lampshades all add just a subtle shimmer as to not overpower the bedroom.

Accessorise with small metallic accents

A few simple accessories tie the metal groups together in this kitchen look. Classic copper cookware hang like ornaments beside a silver star ornament and tempting gold-wrapped chocolate treasures.

Utilise your space

This grand room boasts a cocktail of wealthy metals, but you hardly notice. In a busy, big room where your eye is drawn to large windows and an amazing inglenook, metals hints are given their own corners to shine.

Use mirrored furniture

Although this dressing table features multiple metals alongside one another, it is the mirrored table that steals the show. By reflecting multiple metals off one another you can create a statement look with little effort.

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