Every dog has its day, but some have it better than others: devoted owner spends nearly £2,000 on replica ‘home’ for pet pooch

It's a dog's life - espeically for pampered St Bernard, Wellington whose owner built him a luxury pooch pad, complete with fully fitted carpets, that's an exact replica of his own home

They say every dog has its day, but for privileged pooch, Wellington, every day is a pretty good one – living in the lap of luxury inside his £2,000 purpose-built kennel.

The pampered St Bernard’s luxury pooch pad is an exact replica of his owner’s home in Woodville, Derbyshire and is built to 1:3 scale.

Dog lover, Julian
Kite built the 6.5ft tall doghouse for a competition organised by pet insurer MORE TH>N and it has now been crowned the UK’s Pet Pad of the Year.

King of his castle: Pampered pooch, Wellington is the proud 'owner' of a purpose-built kennel that is an exact replic of his owner's home - complete with carpets and fully-insulated walls, naturally!  Tim Stewart News/Rex Features

doghouse boasts stylish pannelled windows and a slate roof, fully
functional guttering and even hanging baskets and potted shrubs outside.

there are fully insulated walls and floors to keep out the chill,
glossed skirting boards, electric lighting (should Wellington wish to read come sundown) and a fitted carpet to
protect the 18-month-old’s pampered paws.

The posh pad is also set in its own gravelled grounds with a paved path to its arched doorway.

Come on over to my place: Wellington's owner, Julian Kite built the luxury doghouse in response to a competition by pet insurer, MORE THN to find the Pet Pad of the Year  Tim Stewart News/Rex Features

took former bricklayer, Julian four and a half days and £1,850 to build,
and he has now established his own luxury kennels business.

Spot the difference: The 6.5ft tall doghouse is a carefully detailed replica of owner, Julian Kite's detached family home in Woodville, Derbyshire and is built to 1:3 scale  Tim Stewart News/Rex Features

He said: ‘Designing and building Wellington’s house has been a hobby, so being rewarded in such a way is truly brilliant’.

We’re undecided if it’s brilliant or just barking..!

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