Could be time for a spring clean: missing pet tortoise survives locked in a store room for more than 30 years

Remember 1982? Survivor were riding high in the music charts with Eye of the Tiger, the Falklands War was raging on and over in Brazil, Manuela the red-footed tortoise became locked in a storage box that would be her home for the next three decades

Remember those boxes you put in the loft to be sorted out when you have time? Well, for the Almeida family in Rio de Janeiro that was back in 1982.

Fast forward 30 years and one missing pet tortoise, and a clear out following a family death uncovered poor old Manuela languishing in a box containing an old record player.Home sweet home: Manuela the red-footed tortoise was found by the Almeida family in a box containing an old record player after loosing her more than 30 years ago

It was thought that the family pet had escaped during renovation work when builders left a door open. It was only when Leandro Alemeida was clearing out rubbish that a neighbour spotted the red-footed tortoise crawling around in a bag.

‘I put the box on the pavement for the rubbish men to collect, and a neighbour said, “you’re not throwing out the tortoise as well are you?”‘, he told Brazil’s

Miraculously, Manuela was still alive and is thought to have survived on a diet of termites scavenged from the wooden floor in the store room.

Luckily for Manuela, red-footed tortoises can go for long periods with little food, surving up to two to three years with no nourishment at all.

In the wild they tend to snack on fruit, leaves, dead animals and even feaces. Nice!

Remember the last time you had a good old clearout? Time for spring clean? If you're not sure what's languishing in your loft, it could be time to face the music and have a good clear out. According to a recent survey by Spontex, 57% of Brits think they live in a pigsty

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