Family traditions at Christmas get a modern day makeover

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  • We all uphold our own family traditions at Christmas, although many have moved on a little thanks to modern times

    As we move with modern times our family traditions at Christmas have naturally moved on too. Uploading a family selfie to social media, investing in luxury advent calendars and watching a movie on Netflix after dinner are among the new modern Christmas traditions Brits are adopting, a study by Homesense has revealed.

    Whilst playing traditional board games and dressing in your Sunday best is still the done thing, many families have made more modern additions to their yearly Christmas traditions – these include ordering a takeaway on Christmas Eve to save cooking and FaceTime calls with family members who live far away.

    Treating ourselves to an indulgent smoked salmon breakfast, spending whole days in comfy pyjamas and having a generous £100 budget for stocking fillers were also new modern traditions to emerge from the survey.

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    A spokesperson for Homesense reveals, ‘It’s inevitable that some traditions will become less popular but it’s encouraging that our modern Christmases are still family focussed, whether it’s a video call to relatives who live oversees or getting together as a family and watching a film.

    Of the 1,500 adults polled by Homesense, 34 per cent said they treat themselves to a new Christmas bauble every year and one in five have made it a tradition to buy a new wreath for the front door.
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    The survey revealed the typical family wake up at just after 7.30am and the grand present unwrapping begins at 10am.
    For the majority dinner is served by 2.30pm, with Mum still as head chef in 36 per cent of British homes – however a more modern 35 per cent said Christmas dinner was a team effort.

    As many as 77 per cent of the adults surveyed said they try and stay off social media completely on Christmas Day – a hard one to uphold we say!


    The poll found 38 per cent of Brits said Carol Singing was an old-fashioned tradition that had fallen by the wayside and 43 per cent said fewer and fewer people go to midnight mass.

    Rather sadly the poll indicated that playing charades and watching the Queen’s speech were festive traditions Brits haven’t kept up.
    More than half felt technology was to blame for older traditions waning, but 41 per cent said communities not being as tight-knit as they used to, was more likely to be the reason.

    Four in ten families said their Christmas had changed in recent years – with the most significant difference being that they consume ‘fancier’ food and drink nowadays. We’ll drink to that new tradition.

    Whether you favour old or new traditions, make it a Christmas to remember.

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