Mucking in together: horse refuses to leave owner’s home after taking shelter from the winter storms

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  • A three-year-old Arabian horse took refuge inside his owner's thatched house in Germany during storms last December and now comes and goes as he pleases

    You may call it horsing around, but how would you feel if your pet stallion moved into your home? Ok, it’s not the most stable (get it?) of living arrangements, but in Germany one horse has decided to do just that.

    Nasar, a three-year-old Arabian horse, lives in the village of Holt in northern Germany. Since the recent storms hit and the cold weather has become unbearable, he’s
    decided to take matters into his own hooves (sorry) by moving in with his owners in their cosy thatched cottage.

    Now Nasar would rather be indoors than out in the field. The stallion roams around the house all day, demanding attention from his housemates.

    Owner Stephanie Arndt says the inquisitive animal stares at the mirrors around the house, likes to drink juice (specially prepared for him in a glass) and has even had a go at playing the keyboard.

    When the storms first hit, Stephanie made up a room for Nasar with
    hay and drinking water, but now he’s so used to the house that he prefers having free rein of the whole place.

    We can imagine that having a 1,300 pound horse in your house may cause of bit of destruction, but apparently the only thing Nasar has broken is a glass!

    And there’s no need to get on your high horse about animal cruelty. Speaking to German newspaper De Weit, Ms Arndt said that the horse ‘never cared seriously’ for his paddock and stable.

    She added: ‘I do not think he’s in the house against his will.’

    the storms have let up, Nasar is only allowed to enjoy roaming
    around the house during the day and Ms Arndt is left with the
    difficult job of getting him out to the stables at night.

    So how would you feel about having a horse in your home? Here at Housetohome, we’re not too sure our cats would approve…

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