How clean is your hotel room?

Note found between the bed sheets of a hotel room reveals a dirty secret...

Sometimes a little mystery between the sheets is best… especially if it may reveal how lazy the housekeeping can be…

This week, a note left by an anonymous hotel guest has created quite a crinkle across the Internet when the following hotel-guest found it.

A note was found under the bed sheets that read: “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”

Whilst the hotel has not been named, the paper is embossed with “Courtyard Marriot” hotel’s signature.

The anonymous guests posted the photo on to Imgur, which prompted an onslaught of social media posts relaying similar dirty experiences in hotels across the world.

Other dirty hotel secrets reveal those drinking glasses in the bathroom may not be as clean as you think as most maids just wipe the glasses rim with glass cleaner solvent.

Bedspreads rarely get dry-cleaned so think twice before you hunker beneath the quilt, light switches never get a dust down and those ‘fresh towels’ were probably just unused ones from the last tenant.

With approximately 10-minutes to turn a room around, it is little wonder why housekeeping is slipping, so just beware next time you check into a hotel suite that looks hunky dory…

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