Proud pet owner builds her Chihuahua his very own bedroom under the stairs – and it’s as brilliant as it sounds

Barking mad? We think not

There are many ways to make the most of that dead space under the stairsplayrooms, storage solutions or even shelving.

But a proud pet owner in the states has blown all of the above out of the water with this: a fully functioning dog bedroom, complete with kennel-style entrance, hat rack and luxurious golden bed.

We’ve seen some amazing dog houses in our time, but this one really takes the dog biscuit. Yes, we have reached peak pets, people.

Imgur user Fatisbac posted the photos of his aunt’s pet Chihuahua Pancho’s bedroom online, and they have since been celebrated in all their glory.

And you can see why people are barking mad for the design – the little bedroom even has artwork depicting dogs playing poker, a mini chest of drawers and bedside lamp for a spot of light reading of an evening.

It certainly is a dog’s life in this household.

Love this? We’re celebrating our pets this month, so don’t miss all our ‘Petember‘ posts – they’re grrrreat.

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