Whether you're a cat or a dog person, we've got everything you need to know to make a happy home for you and your pets

This month we’re celebrating the cats, dogs and all the furry and feathered friends that bring so much joy in to our lives.

From the moment they enter the house they tend to make it their own so we’ve got tons of ideas on how to share your living space harmoniously with your beloved pets. From sofa savers to stylish shopping ideas, check out some of these pet homecare tips and get involved on Facebook and Twitter by tagging your posts #Petember.


Five things I’ve learnt from sharing my home with a dog

Our expert pet blogger Alex Frith spills the beans on what she’s learned from living with her pet dog, Basil the Boston Terrier.

How to kit out your home for dog grooming

Keeping our dogs clean and healthy means getting organised with the right kit.
Check out these dog-grooming ideas that will keep your dog – and your
home – in tip top condition…

7 ways to make your home more dog-friendly

We all love our pets unconditionally, so it really is worth investing in
their health and happiness (as well as your own) by introducing a few
dog-friendly measures in your home. Here are 7 ways to turn your home
environment from hapless to happy…

10 dog houses that are way better than your actual home!

phrase ‘in the dog house’ takes on a totally new meaning with these
luxury kennels. More styled than our own homes, they really take the dog

Top dogs for country dwellers

From lively Labradors to boisterous Beagles, these pet pooches feel right at home in the countryside…

Does your dog match your style?

kind of dog do you live with? A lovable Lab or a haughty hound? And
most importantly, is he the right fit for your lifestyle? From designer
dogs to humble mutts, your precious pooch says a lot about you…


8 clever ways to stop your cat from cramping your home style

There’s no need to handover your perfect pad to your pussycat – our guest pet blogger Alex Frith shares eight ways to stop them cramping your home’s style…

Seven spectacular cat trees to save your sofa

Cat got its claws into your furniture? Take a look at these ingenious cat trees guaranteed to keep your soft furnishings scratch-free.

7 creative ways to hide cat litter trays

Camouflage your cat’s toilet with these awesome design ideas…

Cuddly cats – 20 of the best

Take five and enjoy these marvellous moggies and their rather stylish homes – purrrrfect!

How to install a cat flap

Save money by installing a cat flap in a wooden door yourself – then your pet can come and go as they please. Here’s quick and easy step-by-step guide…

How to make a cat teepee (VIDEO)

We’ve trawled
Pinterest for inspiration for our latest video series.
In this episode we tackle making a cat teepee with a little
help from Steph and her cat Freddie. But will the simple instructions she found
via Pinterest actually work?

5 ways to ensure you (and your pets) have a flea-free home

If you’re a pet owner then chances are you’ve had to deal with the odd flea infestation or two. Fleas are not only difficult and annoying for your four-legged friend, but they can cause havoc in your home. Summer is the height of flea season so it’s time for you to take action – read our top tips to ensure those little mites are banished for good!


9 things I wish I’d known before keeping chickens

For lots of people keeping chickens is a big part of living the rural dream and becoming more sustainable. If you haven’t invested yet, here are a few insightful titbits to help make your experience even more fun and rewarding!

Beautiful country chicken coops

Freshly laid eggs, a fertilized garden, easy and inexpensive to maintain, the positives of having your own flock are endless! So if you’re thinking of taking the poultry plunge, these stunning coops are sure to give you some inspiration

7 character traits every chicken owner (aka Mother Hen) will understand

be fooled into thinking that chickens don’t make great pets! Besides
the obvious (having freshly laid eggs every day that taste amazing),
they all have their own little personalities that make them funny, fun
and actually quite cute to have around! Recognise any of these in your

Clucking brilliant chicken buys for your home

These chicken themed homewares will ruffle your feathers (but not your bank balance)
We all know pets rule the roost at home. They have the best seat in the house, and the best accommodation for getting some kip – even if they live outside.

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