The nation’s bedtime habits (and snoring sins) are revealed and it turns out sleep is one of the last things on our minds…

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  • What with snoring partners, pillow talk and pets, there's not much sleep going on in Britain's bedrooms

    How was it for you last night? Did you fall in to bed and enjoy a long, restful slumber, or did your partner keep you awake with their snoring?

    According to a new survey, snoring tops the list of most annoying bedroom habits for Brits.

    The survey, from bed company Dreams, found that once we’re snuggled up for the night, sleep is far from our minds.

    Snoring was the activity that annoyed us the most (54%), while other top gripes were greedy partners stealing the duvet (46%), partners sleeping naked, or letting pets in to bed (17%).

    And some would go as far to say that they PREFER their pets to their partners – one in 10 residents in Northern Ireland admit that they favour sleeping with their pet.

    But there are plenty of other activities keeping us awake, too, such as pillow talk (59%), talking to your partner about your day (57%) and reading a book (51%).

    It seems that some of the biggest life decisions are made between the sheets, with one in ten discussing whether to start a family and 16% talking about marriage and future wedding plans.

    However, there are more everyday pastimes to keep us busy in the meantime.

    Workaholics think about to-do lists for the next day (49%) and check emails, while others catch up on TV (46%), browse the internet (37%) or check social networks (31%).

    ‘When it comes to bed behaviour, it would seem we as
    a nation have many aggravating habits,’ says psychologist Emma Kenny. ‘It’s
    interesting that the bed is
    still considered an important place for couples to bond and make
    life-changing decisions together.’

    ‘Atmosphere and comfort are key,’ says Emma, ‘so finding the
    perfect bed is half the battle when it comes to
    achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.’

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