5 easy ways to prepare your home for guests

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  • Here's a few amazing hacks that will make your guests rave about their stay

    If you have friends or family staying over the weekend, you don’t want to miss these super-simple ideas for getting your home shipshape…

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    1. Make an entrance

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    First impressions count so make sure your hallway is tidy and clutter free. Your guests will need to hang their coats up, but more importantly it’s the place your guests will be welcomed into your home. Make sure shoes and dirt, or both, are out of sight. Is there a place for all their stuff? If not, move things around and clear out your items to make way for theirs.

    2. No nonsense cleaning


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    Before you start, put all your cleaning supplies into a basket and take it to the area you’re going to clean. Next, tackle the surfaces that are going to be seen or used. Wipe everything with a cloth – give yourself five to 10 minutes per room. Then do a quick vacuum around the room to spruce it up. Quickly wipe down any mirrors and run a mop or steam cleaner over tiled floors.

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    3. Provide a welcome pack


    Image credit: Simon Bevan

    Apart from the obvious like towels (make sure you provide one large bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth per person) it’s worth supplying a small welcome pack for your guests so they feel at home. Include a few luxuries like a scented soap, an unusual cream, a special shampoo and small tube of toothpaste. And if you’re feeling super festive you could wrap the items to make it feel more personal.

    4. Stock up


    Image credit: Simon Scarboro

    Consider your guests’ food preferences: If one is a vegetarian, or allergic to certain foods make sure that your fridge is appropriately stocked. On arrival show guests where to find everyhing in the kitchen – from snacks to drinking glasses and utensils to tea and coffee, it will make your guests feel at home if they know they can help themselves to things.

    5. Create space

    Image credit: Tim Winter

    Remember the old saying ‘never leave a room empty-handed’? Pick up clutter as you go from room to room – and if you haven’t got time to file away paperwork place it in a sorting box that you can come back to later. Clear surface and hang up all clothes. Remember to leave plenty of room in cupboards and wardrobes for your guests to hang and store their items.

    How do you prepare your home for guests?

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