Pukka pad: the house where Jamie Oliver filmed the first two series of The Naked Chef on sale for £3 million

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  • Want to own Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef home? You'll need to up your cooking game if you move into this London property

    Does this property
    look a little familiar?

    Chances are you remember the cobbled street on which Jamie Oliver parked his moped, the spiral staircase that featured in the opening credits of The Naked Chef and the kitchen where he’d whip up his unique brand of ‘pukka tukka’ concoctions.

    Yes the three-bedroom property in London’s Clerkenwell, now on the market for £3 million, is where young Jamie launched his TV career in the original series of The Naked Chef.

    Listed by estate agents Stirling Ackroyd, the property details fail to mention its famous history, instead referring to it as a ‘special house’.

    Unsurprisingly, 15 years later, the well used kitchen has since had a major refit. Lovely jubbly!

    Jamie lived in the house with his wife (then girlfriend) Jools during the filming of the first two series of the show, courtesy of the BBC.

    Each week Jamie would rustle up something in the kitchen and then share his culinary creations with his friends and family. Can we be your friend?

    Since Jamie and Jools moved out of the little house in Chequer Street, the property has been updated to include fibre-optic mood lighting, an indoor gym, a bespoke spa bathroom (including waterproof plasma screen – yes, really) and an en-suite in each bedroom.

    So, if you fancy yourself as the new Naked Chef (maybe keep the clothes on) than all you need is £2,995,000. Visit Stirling Ackroyd to find out more.

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