A hole of one’s own: this five-bedroom Spanish cave may be right up your street (or should that be ‘mountain’?)

Calling it a period property may be an understatement... cave house in Spain goes on the market

Pack up your pelts, load your pet brontosaurus in the foot-mobile and head for Majaviejas, just outside Cuevas del Campo in southern Spain for your new life as a cave dweller.

What could tempt you into making this property your very own?

The pros: five bedrooms, always cool in summer, access via a private road, excellent views and situated close to the beach. All for €14,500.

The cons: needs renovation. Oh yeah… and it’s a cave.

Inspiration and vision will be needed by the bucket-load to take on turning this into a dream home (unless you often dream that you are Batman). And one could only imagine the renovation costs, or how one might find a builder who knows how to repair a stalactite.

Still, if the Paleo Diet wasn’t enough to satisfy your need to get back to your pre-historic roots (by eating pre-historic roots), then go back in time one step further by making this property yours. Further details are available via RightMoves.co.uk.

*People-powered Flintstones foot-mobile sold separately.

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