Unbreakable: the world’s bounciest (and most curious) office chair made from 65,000 – you guessed it – rubber bands

Art student Preston Moeller has taken the humble rubber band ball to a whole new level by looping together thousands of the stretchy bands to create a unique and (he swears) extremely comfortable chair

An office chair made from 65,000 rubber bands has been awarded the dubious accolade of the world’s bounciest office chair.

We’re not quite sure why anyone would willingly spend more than 300 hours looping rubber bands together (although we suspect someone may have had a little too much time on their hands, hmmm Preston Moeller?), but the result certainly stretches the imagination *groan*.

The colourful and rather interestingly shaped chair weighs in at a hefty one-and-a-half stone and is rendered usuable by the addition of two steel frames and a brace – yes, you can really sit down on it.

Think big: Why stop at a rubber band ball when you can make a chair? That's exactly the kind of ingenious thinking that prompted art student Preston Moeller to create this innovative chair  Solent News / Rex Features

Art student Preston, from North Carolina, first began creating models of musical instruments from elasticated bands as part of an art project before a classmate told him about the chair designing competition.

‘The theme was stretching the boundaries of materials and my rubber band creations seemed perfect for that,’ said Preston.

‘I’d never made anything to that scale before but felt compelled to enter.

Too much time on his hands? Student Preston spent more than 300 hours creating the chair using 65,000 rubber bands  Solent News / Rex Features

knew that rubber bands could easily be used to make a chair, but I
wanted to push the limits of what I thought was possible.’

The unusual chair now serves as the twenty-six-year-old’s computer chair at home.

Playful: Preston swears that the chair - which is supported by two steel frames - is extremely confortable and he continues to use it as a computer chair at his home in North Carolina  Solent News / Rex Features

He added: ‘I love that the bands take your weight, there is no brace behind or underneath you.

structure bends back when it gets longer, pulls in where the bands pull
together, and it bows up where there is more band then space.

‘Only when the brace was in place did I really know that you could feasibly sit on a chair of rubber bands.’

At Housetohome, we remain slightly dubious about the future potential of such a bouncy office chair, but we have to admit, we’d love to have a go!

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