Finally! Scientists solve the mystery of why your toast always falls butter side down

Fed up of picking bits of fluff out of your breakfast toast? Well luckily for us, those clever boffins at Manchester MET University have solved the mystery of why toast always topples butter side down... and it's got nothing to do with the type of bread you use

It’s a phenomenon that’s been baffling breakfast eaters for years – why, oh why, does your toast always land butter side down if it topples from the table?

Could it be that top-heavy extra-fruity preserve you used? Or perhaps it’s something to do with how evenly you spread the butter or jam over the toast? Either way, it’s darn annoying, no?

But now a solution (and we use the term loosely) may be at hand, thanks to those clever boffins at Manchester MET University whose tireless research has finally smashed the mystery of why your butter always ends up sticking to the carpet.

According to the researchers’ scientific tests, a hefty 81% of dropped toast lands buttered side down.

And the reason (drum roll please) is simply that most tables are too low – meaning that said slice only has time to rotate half way around, which, as the buttered side starts facing upwards, means that this side is the one that goes splat.

Makes perfect sense, right!

The research, commissioned to mark the DVD release of the latest series of US hit comedy The Big Bang Theory, was conducted by food expert Professor Chris Smith and his team, who selflessly dropped 100 slices of toast from a two-and-a-half-foot table in order to test their theory.

‘Our research shows that Sod’s Law really does exist when it comes to droped toast.

‘The upshot is that, if you want to ensure your toast lands butter side up, you should invest in a higher table – approximately 8ft high – that allows the toast to rotate a full 360 degrees. Failing that – try not to drop the toast,’ said Professor Smith helpfully.

So there you have it – while air pockets in a particular slice of bread creating drag may pose a slight issue, all you really need is a taller table.

On balance, though, we can’t help thinking that perhaps it’s worth sacrificing the odd slice of toast rather than trying to find – or sit at! – an 8ft-high kitchen table (max headroom?)… Alternatively, serve your toast upside down… Pass the butter, please!

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