7 smart ways to store your shoes

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No matter how much you pride yourself on having a tidy home, we bet that shoes are some of the objects you find trickiest to store. They’re bulky and awkwardly shaped, but that doesn’t stop us loving them, which is why we all end up with a mountain of footwear that we can never seem to control.

Whether they’re kept by the front door, under the bed or in the bottom of the wardrobe, shoes quickly revert into a cluttered and jumbled mess of odd shoes and tangled laces.

But not for much longer! Here are seven smart ways to store your footwear. Who ever said goody two-shoes was an insult?

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1. Store shoes in boxes

Smart ways to store your shoes

Image credit: Tim Winter

Chances are you’ve already discarded the shoeboxes your shoes came in, so buy a selection of pretty patterned boxes to keep your shoes organised.

2. Lift shoes off the floor

Smart ways to store your shoes

Chucking shoes into the bottom of the wardrobe will not only make them difficult to find, it can also damage them. Instead, stack shoes neatly on a rack. The simplest and most sensible forms of shoe storage, racks come in different sizes depending on how much of a shoe-addict you are, and they can be kept out on display or hidden away in a cupboard or behind a door.

3. Hang shoes on a dado rail

Smart ways to store your shoes

Image credit: Jon Day

Go for a unique statement look by fixing three dado rails to a wall. Hang high heeled shoes off of the rails – just make sure they’re clean so they don’t mark your wall!

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4. Create labelled boxes

Smart ways to store your shoes

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Stack shoes that you don’t wear that often out of the way in boxes. Make life easier by printing out a photo of your shoes and sticking it to the front of the shoebox so that you can clearly see which pair is in which box.

5. Stack shoes on the stairs

Smart ways to store your shoes

Yes, shoes slung on the stairs can look messy and disorganised, but neatly stacking one pair per stair can actually look really neat and stylish, especially if you have pretty shoes and a pretty patterned staircase.

6. Create an artistic display

Smart ways to store your shoes

It would be shame to hide your favourite heels out of sight. Instead, display them proudly and make a feature of them. Who needs ornaments when you have these beauties to admire?

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7. Display shoes on a storage ladder

Storage ladders are very a la mode. Hang your heels over the rungs et voila (unfortunately if you’re a trainer person this idea won’t work so well for you).

Which of these shoe storage ideas is your favourite?

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