Forget bright lights, big city – most of us crave a quiet life in the south west (and don’t forget the five-bedroom house with a walk-in wardrobe)

As a nation, we're a (ahem) modest bunch. According to a new survey, if money were no object, most of us would shun city life in favour of an Edwardian home in an idyllic village somewhere in the south west...

Ah, if only dreams came true.

Most of us would probably be living in a chocolate box village somewhere in Cornwall, taking afternoon cream tea with our delightful neighbours before taking a turn around our perfectly manicured lawn… Sounds splendid, doesn’t it?

According to a survey by, the good life does exist and it’s all happening in the south west, which has been voted people’s favourite place to live with a whopping 30% of the vote.

Wish you were here? According to a survey, 30% of us would pack our bags for a detached home with nice neighbours somewhere in the south west  Visit Cornwall

More than half of people surveyed claimed that if money were no object, they would give city life the big heave-ho in favour of a rural town or village, while a fifth claimed that the coast would be their perfect place to live.

And once they’re there, the survey found that a ‘modest’ five-bedroom detached Victorian or Edwardian home is top of people’s wish lists, oh and don’t forget the multi-car garage and walk-in wardrobe.

In second place, the south east captured 25% of the vote for the most desirable place to live, but the poor old north east didn’t fare quite so well with just 1% of those surveyed aspiring to live there.

London did manage a respectable third on the list, but only if we can live in Mayfair, Chelsea or Kensington. Fussy, much?

Country life: Most of those people surveyed would should shun the bright lights of the city for a quieter life with a fifth aspiring to live by the coast  Visit Cornwall

But even if you do find your perfect home in a quiet corner of Cornwall, anti-social neighbours would put 57% of us off buying a property, while an unkempt garden would cause 28% to rethink making a purchase next door. spokesman Laurence Hall said: ‘Typical British reserve and understatement shines through in selecting of their ideal property.

‘Forget sprawling mansions or flash penthouses – the quintessential English country house with enough room for a family is what the majority of Brits view as their dream home.

‘A quiet rural retreat is preferred to city life and with numerous chocolate-box villages spread across the south west, it’s little wonder the majority of Brits would position their ideal home there.’

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