Street artist builds tiny homes in manhole covers

The project in Milan hopes to highlight the extreme conditions people are forced to live in around the world

A street artist in Milan has converted manholes into tiny homes to highlight the extreme conditions some people are forced to live in around the world.

Artist Biancoshock built the homes and photographed them for his project ‘Borderlife’.

Writing on his site alongside the images,
Biancoshock said: “If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable.

“Intervention that, parodically, speaks about people forced to live in extreme conditions, even coming to live in manholes.

“An example of inspiration is Bucharest, where more than 600 people live underground, in the sewers.”

There are three manhole rooms in total – a kitchen, living room and shower room.

This isn’t the first time the artist has made headlines. Back in 2012, Biancoshock designed a stress-reducing installation at a Milan bus stop, and has created over 650 works of Urban Art.

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