You’ll be blown away… that’s if the price doesn’t make you cry first: Japanese firm launches tissues for snooty snouts at £60 a box

The Daishowa First company in Japan has named a box of ultra-luxury tissues after a 12-layered kimono

If you’d just shelled out £60 for a box of tissues you’d be forgiven for using one of them to wipe away the salty tears of disbelief at your own foolishness.

The Juunihitoe tissue box is the latest launch for the super-rich (or just plain stupid) from Japanese paper company Daishowa First.

The super-soft tissues come in a range of 12 different colours, as well they might at a not-very-thrifty 41p each (around 70 yen).

And, of course, the various hues are aptly named to appeal to the more, erm, sophisticated end of the market: there are no mere blues or yellows here. No, each tissue is lovingly named like a Farrow & Ball colour chart: ‘suo’ is sappan wood red, ‘tachibana’ is mandarin orange, ‘naeiro’ is seedling green… well, you get the idea.

The name ‘Juunihitoe’ comes from the word for a 12-layered
ceremonial kimono worn by ladies at Japanese court… no doubt a
(snivelling) appeal for A-list celebs to blow their hooters on the
overpriced paper squares.

The company describes its luxury product as ‘vibrantly dyed, soft, delicate, with a quality feel, as only Daishowa First can do justice to’.

But will it take off? Well it wouldn’t be the first time pricey paper products have found favour with the rich and famous. Last year we reported on X Factor supremo Simon Cowell’s penchant for furnishing his luxury bathrooms with Renova’s black loo roll at £10 a pop.

So while pampered derrières and noses don’t come cheap, it seems there will always be someone somewhere willing to blow their money on frivolous luxuries. Bless you…

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