Get a no-mess child’s room in 13 buys

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  • Keep everyone smiling with these fun storage-busters for kids' spaces

    Imagine a world where everything has its place. And it all stays there.

    Imagine being able find that thing you’ve been looking for in your child’s room straight away – without emptying whole cupboards or reaching – prostrate – under the bed.

    Imagine being able to vacuum without sucking up Spiderman – or Elsa from Frozen – or something unknown and disturbing. What was that? What a world it would be.

    The key to this, and let’s face it, so many of life’s little dilemmas lies, of course, in storage. Storage and tea.

    Our top 13 buys may not convert your five-year-old to a love of systematic, organised housekeeping, but, by Jove, they’ll keep you happy. And they’ll look good. That too.

    1. Belvoir Armoire, £1,250, Aspace

    If space is a tad tight, think about going for a dual-purpose piece such as this wardrobe/chest of drawers combo that provides two pieces of storage furniture with the footprint of one. This one is gorgeously pretty and practical with a full-width hanging rail, two adjustable shelves and six drawers. It measures H195cm x W100cm x D55cm and is supplied assembled.

    2. Vitra Hang It All Coat Rack by Charles and Ray Eames, £215, Heal’s

    Well, we all deserve one little designer piece don’t we? This full-of-fun-and-colour coat rack was originally designed for hallways, but is just perfect for a child’s room. Hang on the back of the door and you have storage for 14 pieces of clothing or bags, plus all manner of childhood paraphernalia, on something that measures just H40 x W50 x D15cm.

    3. Pigeonhole Wall Shelf and Hooks, £80, Great Little Trading Company

    Hang it, store it, display it – all in one gloriously designed wall-hung shelf. Hang low for little hands to reach and use as their very own sorting office. With five cubby holes and five hooks plus space on top they’re sure to find a place for everything. Measures H30 x W100 x D18cm.

    4. Flamingo Organic Cotton Wall Organiser, £29, Nubie

    Making use of walls for storage when ever possible helps free up floor space for more important things such as hide and seek, rollovers and larking about. This pretty, pocketed caddy is perfect for stowing away prized pieces of artwork, pens and pencil and smaller toys. Use it for storing all those favourite, must-have comfort toys so they’re always easy to find in an emergency! The organiser measures 40 x 14in and, if flamingoes aren’t their thing, other animals are available.

    5. Wire Waste Paper Bin, £29, Oliver Bonas

    Now here’s a snazzy bin – and we don’t get to say that very often. The gorgeous zingy colour and wobbly wire design may not turn your loved ones into neat freaks, but my they’ll be dazzled by its beauty and a little bit of beauty never goes amiss in a child’s room. Also available in copper should you not fancy orange. A good size for a child’s room, too, at H31 x 30cm diameter.

    6. Taylor & Wood Funky Frames Wallpaper, £20 per roll, Graham & Brown

    Wallpaper you colour in yourself might seem like something us adults would prefer a wallpaper manufacturer to be doing itself, quite frankly. After all, you’ve paid for the roll… For a child, on the other hand, being told it’s fine to write on the walls is akin to being told it’s ok to throw food. Christmas has come early. But if you don’t fancy looking at the ensuing scribbles, you can always suggest they add stickers or photos instead – and if a whole room covered in the stuff is too much, how about a feature wall, a chimney breast or an alcove?

    7. Guidecraft Jr Roll-top Desk and Chair, £199.99, Kids Playstore

    It’s never too early to get your little one behind a desk. Choose a design with lots of pigeonhole storage and drawers so it’s fun to use and easy for them to keep things tidy. This one even has a pull-out writing board and, at the end of his or her day at the office, your child can pull the top down to hide everything from view.

    8. Children’s Bookcase, £149.50, Tidy Books

    Shelving that allows you to store books front-facing is a brilliant idea for a child’s room: the more of a cover is visible, the more attractive the books are to read. This slimline limewood design is just 7cm deep, allowing it to slot nicely into a compact room to create a mini reading corner. The primary coloured letters are a nice touch. The bookcase holds 85 books, is easy to assemble and measures H115 x W77 x D7cm.

    9. Minene Large Flowers Storage Basket, £26, John Lewis

    for those rapid, somebody’s-coming-around-at-the-last-minute type of
    tidies – you know the ones: where you just want to throw the toys into a
    corner and throw a blanket over them. But prettier. Obviously. This
    cotton basket isn’t huge at H40 x 45cm diameter so it won’t overwhelm a
    space, but it’s perfect as a catch-all for toys, clothes or bedding.

    10. Abbeville Storage Bench with Cushion, £200, Great Little Trading Co

    of the wishlist for little ones’ bedrooms and playrooms is the
    dual-function piece. That bit of furniture that truly earns its
    square-footage of space. The Abbeville bench combines storage with
    seating in the simplest of ways and the prettiest of fabric options. The
    bench measures H49 x W102 x D31cm and includes the cushion. Pull-out
    baskets are sold separately.

    11. Limelight Pavo Under Bed Drawers, £99 for two, time4sleep

    your child has a bedstead rather than a divan, be sure not to waste all
    that space underneath. It’s packed with storage potential and perfect
    for sliding under a pair of drawers. Just be careful to keep the area
    around one side of the bed clear so you can pull them out without
    obstruction. A great place for keeping shoes, bags and bedding.

    12. Kusiner Wall Pockets, £3.50, Ikea

    waste those walls when it comes to storage! These little pockets are
    practical, colourful and see-through so it’s easy to find all those bits
    and pieces. Really useful for crayons and coloured pencils. The pockets
    measure 60 x 45cm.

    13. 6 Drawer Smiley Face Storage Unit, £49.99, Argos

    a drawer unit featuring different colours and shapes and you’ve got
    yourself an instant filing cabinet! Encourage your little one to keep
    different items in each drawer so that it’s as easy to find stuff as it
    is to tidy it away. This design features stars, smiley faces and bright
    colours and is a sustantial addition to any room at H66 x W40 x D30cm.

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