7 brilliant uses for your unwanted Christmas gifts

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  • Although we appreciate the sentiment, some gifts just don’t go! Here’s how to play it...

    It’s not that we don’t appreciate the thought, but it turns out you CAN have too many pairs of socks, smelly candles and bath salts.

    If, like us, you’re looking for a way to relieve your chocka cupboards whilst making a buck in the process, here’s how…

    Sell it on eBay

    With the click of a button and the upload of a photo you have listed your unwanted item on one of the Internet’s busiest shopping sites. Your trash is another person’s treasure and there may be someone out there who felt they didn’t get enough pairs of socks this Christmas.

    Re-gift your unwanted items

    Are you THAT person? Re-gifting renegades may have a bad rep but the truth is, if there is nothing wrong with the item and you think it would be better suited for a friend, then save the money and simply gift them your unwanted Christmas pieces!

    Throw a swapping party with friends

    Heard your friend talking about that ‘awful’ bag they got for Christmas, but you secretly like the sound of it?
    Get your fussy friends together and throw a swapping party – get everyone to bring along their unwanted gifts, and get rummaging. Shopping for free in your pyjamas, what’s better than that?

    Give your gift a new lease of life

    If you received something from a long lost relative that isn’t totally terrible, but equally isn’t completely you, then get a little crafty. Spruce that boring crockery set up from your mother-in-law with some paint and add a few extra sparkles to that plain knit jumper. Don’t miss our dedicated upcycling guide.

    Do a charity shop run

    Donate your unwanted gifts to your local charity shop for a feel good feeling this January. Equally, if you are in need of some extra space for your new, sparkly pieces then have a clear out and bag it up.

    Trade them in

    Many stores now offer a trade for your unwanted items. For example, if you bring a bag full of clothes to an Oxfam store you could receive £5 off a
    £35 spend in M&S on clothing, home and beauty products. H&M is offering the same trading bargain, even if the bag of clothes isn’t from their store!

    Return them to store

    There is no shame in being honest with your friend and asking for the gift receipt as it isn’t quite to your taste or it doesn’t quite fit; they would rather you enjoy your present. If not, then you can always go to store and ask for a gift card or snoop around for something better and simply exchange it.

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