What do mirrored ceilings, nude portraits and strip lighting have in common? Clue: it’s not what you might think!

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  • If you think stuffed animals, psychedelic paint effects and 1970s avocado bathroom suites are the stuff of home nightmares, you'd be absolutely right. In fact these outdated decorating trends could be putting a dent in the value of your property

    Home buyers have revealed their top decorating turn-offs and it’s bad news for fans of woodchip wallpaper (painstakingly difficult to remove), Artex ceilings (so 1970s) and themed rooms (think excessive amounts of flock, damask and gold leaf).

    Circa 1980 paint effects, such as rag-rolling and stencilling, were also among the features that homebuyers would be most put-out to find when scouring the market for their dream home, so says a survey carried out by NeedaProperty.com.

    Surprisingly, outdoor hot tubs also made the list of undesirables. Prude not rude seems to be where it’s at – us Brits would rather frolic behind closed doors.

    The study of 2,000 house-hunters found that two-thirds of buyers would make an offer lower than the asking price if the property came with features they deemed to be in bad taste.

    However, 27% of those questioned said they would be happy to pay over the odds if a house came with plenty of what they considered ‘must haves’.

    These include fitted kitchens, wooden floors and an Aga-style cooker. Heated towel rails and roll-top baths also made the grade. Well, we can’t argue with that.

    A posh car in the driveway was also considered a big plus point for 15% of people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the house. Boohoo!

    There were, however, differences between the sexes over what features were considered desirable.

    Nearly a quarter of men said a double garage would be a major bonus, compared with just 14% of women.

    While more than one in five women would be impressed by a walk-in wardrobe, it’s a feature that a mere one in 10 men found desirable. But where else do they expect us to store all our shoes and handbags?

    Nearly one in five thought that animal prints, silk furnishings and, dare we say it, nude portraits were suggestive of homeowners’, erm, hobbies. In all, perhaps it might be time to strip down (do stop it) that provocative decor…

    Seven out of 10 people also admitted being ‘baffled by bidets’, saying that finding one in a home would leave them confused over how to use it.

    So, if you’re thinking of selling your humble abode, it might be time to bury the past. Literally!

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