Who needs a crystal ball? If you want to know what the future has in store, just take a look at your postcode…

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  • Can your postcode predict your future? A new study shows that where you live could determine everything from how long you’re likely to live to how many cars you'll own and whether your marriage will last.

    What should you do if your marriage is on the rocks? You could try candlelit dinners, a romantic getaway or couples’ therapy. Or you could just move to Poole – into the BH18 postcode area to be exact.

    According to a new study commissioned by the Royal Mail, this is where you’ll find the highest percentage of married couples in the UK.

    The survey, conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, reveals a fascinating snapshot of life in Britain, across five key areas: health and wellbeing, work, the cost of living, safety and security and home life.

    Want to live to a ripe old age? Best move to Suffolk, where the residents of Aldeburgh, IP15, boast the oldest average age in Britain. Or if it’s vibrant youth culture you’re after, make a beeline for the B4 postcode in Birmingham, where the average age is just 23.

    As for babies, there must be something in the water in Barking (RM5-RM10), which has the highest birth rate. Canterbury (CT1-CT6) has the lowest.

    And what about health, which is, after all, the key to happiness? It may come as a surprise (particularly to those who live there) that Central London is hands-down the healthiest place to live in the UK, snapping up all the top five spots.

    Less surprising is that the healthiest postcode is SW1X, also known as Knightsbridge, home to the super-rich and Harrods.

    Speaking of wealth, if you want to make sure you’ve always got money coming in, you could do worse than bag yourself a BA1 postcode, which enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in Britain. Residents of the WR7 postcode in Worcester, meanwhile, are most likely to own more than one car.

    As for staying safe, the north comes out on top, with the TD12, LA17 and CA20 postcodes in Northumberland and Cumbria claiming the three lowest crime rates in Britain.

    Postcodes were first tested in Norwich in 1959 and rolled out across the rest of the country in 1974. Little did the Royal Mail realise 40 years ago that these unassuming little digits could one day reveal so much.

    But before you decide to up sticks and trade in your current postcode for a better one, find out which city boasts the best overall quality of life in Britain. Hint: its postcode starts with ‘BS’.

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